4 Weeks to Eat Clean ~ Eat Simple

4 Weeks to Eat Clean ~ Eat Simple

The 4 Week Eat Clean Eat Simple program is a jumpstart to healthy living. It is a 4 week live program in a private group on Facebook. In this group I go live at a minimum of 1x a week for 45mins to 1hr. Together we discuss your goals not only physically but also mentally. In a group setting, you have other like minded people wanting success as much as you. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and tired of trying every diet under the sun only to be frustrated and in an endless cycle of weight loss/gain then this program is for you! This is limited to a small group of people so you definitely don't want to miss out. You will receive the following:

*One private coaching session with me to help you determine your goals, discover hidden beliefs/triggers, and identify excuses and negative behaviors in order to move you forward in a positive, healthy life. 

*4+ Live Weekly Facebook Sessions with replay at your disposal to refer back to as often as needed.

*7Day Meal Plan, Daily Food Journal, Shopping List, Weekly Reflections, Recipes and more.

*Inspiration, motivation, action steps to reach your goals and access to me to help you start living the healthy life you always dreamed of leaving behind dieting for good!