Living In Gratitude Brings Abundance!

I have this written on the inside of my gratitude journal. It's the first thing I read in the morning before writing in my journal. I don't know who originally wrote it but I am grateful!:

Today is an incredible day! Success, Prosperity, and Abundance in many different forms have naturally found their way into my life today. I gratefully enjoy their manifestations throughout my day and happily share these blessings of abundance with many others in order to bring happiness to their day as well.

I am happy!

I am healthy!

I am wealthy!

I am secure!

I am worthy!

I am positive!

I am blessed!

I am grateful!

I am confident!

I am courageous!

I am excited about today!

Thank you Universe!!!!

Live in gratitude! Change your thoughts, change your life!

Live in gratitude! Change your thoughts, change your life!

Welcome to WellFit Fusion by Lisa Drew Wellness

Welcome to my new website WellFit Fusion by Lisa Drew Wellness. It's been a labor of love. This is the place that combines all things healthy for growth in mind, body, spirit. Here we are at the end of another year, about to embark on a new year. How exciting! Take some time and write down what you see for yourself. Know that life is fluid and is forever changing. It's okay. Change is good. What you will see here is real talk and also lots of fun. Life is a journey. You are meant to have fun while living it. Remember, we are all souls living a human experience. It's up to you on how you want your experience to be. So say goodbye to negativity and hello to love, joy and laughter. Cheers to you and new beginnings! Looking forward to enjoying this journey together! Love, Lisa

Believe and trust anything is possible!

Believe and trust anything is possible!